FLOODING PANEL, plugging for flooding holes

FLOODING PANEL is an innovative plugging system for flooding holes. Such a system has the peculiarity of yield in the time required by thecertification bodies, under water thrust, in a possible flooding of the surrounding area, and simultaneously to ensure under normalconditions, the fire resistance class of its division in which it is positioned (up to class A60). The versatility with which fits to every structural situation, the simplicity of application make FLOODING PANEL preferable to any other solution.



Properties: FLOODING PANEL is an innovative system for creating barriers for flooding holes. Such system has the particolar charachteristic of dropping down in the time requested by the Notified Body, under water head, in case of flooding of the ship, and to guarantee, in the normal condition, the fire resistance class proper of the division on which the system is applied (up to A60 Class).

The versatility with which it adapts to any structural situation, the simplicity with which it is applied make it preferable to any other solution.

This material is non-combustible, certificated and approve by BUREAU VERITAS and RINA



Technical Details:

The main elements making up FLOODING PANEL SYSTEM are the following:

1 – Shaped steel closing insert with thickness 5 mm (+ 1 mm).

2 – Retention clips made of perforated steel plate.

3 – Steel pins.

4 – Zincated-steel washers

5 – Rock wool with density 100 kg/m3 and thickness 30 mm (Class A-30 and Class A-0)

6 – Rock wool with density 100 kg/m3 and thickness 60 mm (Class A-60)

7 – Incombustible sealant NAVYCROSS MS with density 700 kg/m3 ±10%.

(RINA Test Report No. 2009CS01872 of 10/03/2009)

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