XENON RANGE Searchlight

XENON RANGE Searchlight

Searchlights are no exception

XENON RANGE Searchlight, manufactured in stainless steel, these robust quality searchlights are available in the diameter size range of 230mm (9″) to 560mm (22″). Lamps option with halogen source of 100w to 3kw in both high and low voltages, Remote control, cabin control and deck mounted options are offered.



In hours of darkness lives depend on equipment to function quickly and reliably

Searchlights are no exception. Speed is essential and light imperative to see the situation before your next move. With XENON RANGE Searchlight, Francis Searchlights provide the peace of mind you experience, knowing you have the best equipment for all eventualities.

Anti Piracy Searchlights are fast becoming the non lethal deterrence of choice in dangerous environments. Francis Searchlights have the largest range available using the either manual or full remote control options. With the highest power Xenon light sources available, the suspect craft can be fully illuminated, be identified quickly and any necessary evasive action taken immediately. The power of the searchlight beam renders the intruder helpless and unable to see.

XENON RANGE Searchlight, the Ultimate in high power searchlights are produced in brass, stainless steel and other marine grade materials, and offer exceptional light output performance and high quality build specification.

The engineering units are available in diameter size range of 230mm (9″) to 560mm (22″).

Xenon lamp options of 150w to 5kw in high voltage rating. Remote control, cabin control and deck mounted options are offered.