PROTHERM CE 2000 System

PROTHERM CE 2000 System

INTUMESCENT TREATMENTS, fireproof coating for cable transit and electric cables

Fire-stop barriers PROTHERM CE 2000 spray applied along the course of the cables in a bundle, realize, at intervals, “protective barriers” of1 ml, along the route – cables, aimed at shutdown eventual fire


Properties:  PROTHERM C.E. 2000 is a fireproof coating for cable transit and electric cables, which generates a high insulating closed-cells charbonious foam, following a chemical-physical reaction activated by heat flux or flame in contact.


This material is non-combustible, certificated and approve by CESI, RINA and LLOYD’S


Fields of use: PROTHERM C.E. 2000 can be sprayed and/or brushed on electric cables, cable transit and cable-ladders, efficient for every kind of cable, flexible and not corrosive for insulator.

Technical Details:

Chemical characteristics:   one- component based on vinyl-copolymers in water dispersion


Colour:  Azure / Grey


Flash point: Not flammable


Density: 1.25 (± 10%) g/cm3


Dry Residue: 65,8 % in weight


Viscosity:  150 – 200 Poise (Brookfield Viscosimeter)


Consumption: up to 3 Kg/m2


Drying Time: 48 h


Dry film thickness:  1,5 ± 0.5 mm

Moreover PROTHERM C.E. 2000:

  • reduces the amount of material which contributes to fire
  • avoids the fire propagation caused by overheating of conductors
  • doesn’t change heat transmission property of cables which maintain their electric characteristics
  • prevent chlorine-based gas emission
  • is flexible, absorbing possible thermal expansion phenomena and vibrations
  • perfectly meets cable transits assembling standard systems currently in use


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