Barrier of fire system NAVYCROSS for multi electric cable and crossind of pipes and blindosbarre, on deck andbulkheads ok class A0 – A60 underknocker 

NAVYCROSS system allows a rear-end collision of the holes in the deck, bulkhead and water-tight, with a simple A / B Class solution, size andreduced weight, easily manageable in the case of introduction and / or elimination of utilities, such as: cables, cable bundles, tubes, pipes, reinforced bars …


Characteristics: NAVYCROSS System is a single-component, non–combustible mastic, based on fibres, mineral oxides and special chemical additives dispersed in an aqueous solution of inorganic binders.

Field of application: NAVYCROSS System for implementing fireproof barriers and infilling of openings through which the technological system pass through decks and bulkheads   in   the   shipbuilding field.

NAVYCROSS System is non-combustible, certificated by RINA, LLOYD’S, BUREAU VERITAS


Technical Details:

Colour :                                white
Specific Weight :                   1300 g/l
Dry Residue in Weight :         78%
Viscosity :                             pasty liquid
Odour :                                 fully odourless
Drying: depending on temperature and air humidity; at 25°C, 65% relative humidity, with natural ventilation,10 mm of wet product: 24 hours on the surface,72 hours in depth
Flash Point : non – combustible material
Supply :                                 15 kg buckets, 0,450 Kg polythene cartridges
Storage :                               store indoors in original packaging. Protect from frost
Shelf life :                               6 months


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