Gluing System NAVYCROSS M

Gluing System NAVYCROSS M

Gluing and naval fire doors masks

This solution permits the replacement of the traditional welding, with a gluing system of masks (also in light alloy), in their variousforms, as well as the provisional hole, either in fire doors.


Description: NAVYCROSS m is a single-component fibre-reinforced rubber cement

based on mineral oxides and special chemical additives dispersed in an aqueous   solution of inorganic binders.

Field of use: Seals between metal elements.


This material is non-combustible, certificated and approve by RINA, LLOYD’S and BUREAU VERITAS


Technical Details:

Colour:                            white / yellow

Specific weight:          1300 g/litre

Dry residue in weight: 78 %

Viscosity:                      paste-like liquid

Odour:                           completely odourless

Drying:                           depending on the temperature and on the moisture in

                                        the air. At 25°C with a relative humidity of 65 natural

ventilation: within 24 hours from application, reaches

its structural consistency, coming to a complete

drying by 3/5 days.

Form of supply:             packages of 20 litres or less

Storage conditions:     store in original packaging, indoors, in a cool and dry

                                       place, protected from freezing.

Shelf life:                       12 months

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