Flame Protection Strips PROTHERM TFP

Flame Protection Strips PROTHERM TFP

PROTHERM TFP, intumescent curtain for preventing the propagation of fire

Strips PROTHERM TFP stops the possible spreading of the fire inside of provisional holes, through an intumescent reaction


Properties: PROTHERM TFP, intumescent curtain, consisting of 0.5 mm. thick fiberglass fabric, weighting gr. 450/Sqm., impregnated and coated, on both sides, with an intumescent product, of the PROTHERM range, giving a final total thickness of 2 ÷ 2.5 mm..

This material is non-combustible, certificated and approve by CESI, RINA and LLOYD’S


Fields of use: Intumescent curtain, used for stopping the propagation of flames, through temporary openings in bulkheads and/or decks, to be applied before the final planned plugging.


Technical Details:

Inside thickness of the fabric: 0.5 mm.


Inside weight of the fabric: 450 gr./Sqm


Thickness of application of the

Intumescent product: 1,5 ÷ 2 mm.


Inside colour of the fabric: White or black


Colour of outer coating: Antracite grey


Solvent for cleaning: Water


Flash point: Non – flammable


Total Weight: 2.5 Kg./Sqm


Odour: odourless, as with water-based paint


Drying Time: 24 to 48 hours, depending on the room temperature and

relative humidity, referred to the sealant around the edges,

since the fabric is pre-treated.


Supply of fabric:sheets for trimming to size, with a max. height of 1 m.


Supply of Sealant: 5 Kg. Packs or cartridges


Storage: in a dry room


Shelf life: 12 months

See also in PROTHERM CE 2000 in Fire – Proofing System  

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